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by teacher. and the principal broke the law by not reporting the teacher to police after the child came forward. three months later, another child reported being molested by the teacher. that child's mother called police. he goes on trial and faces misdemeanor charges. >>> he face is up to 25 years in prison after calling lay lay. they announced a guilty issue and they believe the child of giselle esteban was having an affair with michelle le. her remains were found several days later. >>> breast cancer screenings have been proven to save lives and they also come at a cost. for every life saved, 300 women are over diagnosed. experts say that means they are unnecessarily treated for cancer saving our lives but 4,000 women are over diagnosed. >>> you may want to allow yourself some extra time. it is foggy out there and brian joins us from san mateo to tell us how things are looking out there, brian? ee. >> as we look at some video, we are looking at the oakland he is to you a ware -- estuary, it is still foggy thought as well. looking at 80 over there as well, still very thick fog and fin
to get a decision on child custody and more cuts are looming. pittsburgh juvenile law is assigned to diaz and in january the courthouse will be shut down and cases will be transferred to walnut creek. >>> it is the start of spare the air alert. over the next four months, weather conditions will create concerns about air pollution. it is the largest source and a record 15 spare the air alerts were issued last winter. >>> well there was an indoor alert, a fog machine went off during the houston rockets. nobody was hurt and palo alto natives, jeremy lynn had 12 points and the rock cots won -- rockets won 195-96. >>> how is it in the south bay? >> well, it's okay we are looking at the 280 interchange with 880 and they are using that to get to the west santa clara valley and this is north downtown and traffic is moving along okay. there is a little bit of wet weather and either it just rained or it is raining now you can tell by how wet the roads are and steve will talk about that in just a moment. we had an earlier crash and on highway 4, we already have that traffic heading for pittsburgh. l
at the surveillance video, concerns were echoed from many in law enforcement. two executives were put on leave after our report last week about the director of maritime's $4,500 tab at a houston strip club. >> time 6:51. >>> fog has been a problem this morning -- >> right. >> for drivers. is it still a problem? >> yeah. parts of the east bay and peninsula and, you know, you will wake up and will realize it's going to be tough driving. let's go look at 280 with fog wisping through and we can normally see the train well but obscured by the fog. also this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a backup that is stretching out to the foot of the macarthur maze. let's go to the maps and show you northbound 101 and 280 are doing well. let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. >>> dense fog advisory until 8:00 and for good reason -- not only coast but inland. visibility could be zero -- a little mist maybe closer to the beaches today but that fog advise did -- at least 8:00 but sometimes fog lingers until 9:00. sunny but cooler after the fog burns off. we're going into the cooling trend. tuesday into
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3